What Is BBB?

China’s world leading blockchain industry holds an abundance opportunities for startups, SMEs, corporates, and public institutions. Unlocking the Chinese blockchain ecosystem as a foreign entity, however, is easier said than done.

Blockchain Business Bridge (BBB) is a unique non-profit project addressing this challenge. It offers a global platform for business collaboration and knowledge exchange between China, Denmark, and the world.

Funded by the Danish Industry Foundation and managed by partners based in China and Denmark, BBB has deep roots in both industry and research. This makes BBB an extraordinarily robust launchpad for blockchain actors globally from virtually all industries – logistics, finance, food and agriculture, public service, and so forth.



We serve a variety of entities across industries. Whether your aim is business model and tech development for China or home market expansion, or simply to work with Chinese partners, we can help you.

Startups & SMEs

Validation of business model and market proposition. Introduction to investors, partners, and customers. Accelerate growth in the international market.

Large Corporations

Help R&D division embrace new tech trends. Network to startups, universities, and research centres. Utilise blockchain to improve traditional business.

Public Institutions

Advice on digital transformation strategies. Facilitation of intergovernmental collaboration. Build blockchain-based solutions for public management.

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Enter China’s world of blockchain with us


This industry mapping report explores blockchain’s increasingly deep integration into Chinese business and society, including cross-border business implications. Use it as inspiration for your venture.

Market & Policy Overview

Supportive policies and market openings are manifold.

Case Studies

Many industries already apply blockchain succesfully.

Advice for Startups

Where to start, how to navigate, VCs, clusters, etc.

Research & Education

Talent hubs, research, and university courses on the rise.

Future Trends

This is just the beginning – find out what to expect next!


A tailormade runway so your blockchain project can take off.

We want to both accelerate your project and prepare you to navigate in your field of application. We take you through a dynamic 4-step process or a selection of customised services. It all depends on your project’s nature and scope.


Market Validation & Access

Validate and polish your product and solution with industry experts. Access to the Chinese market when ready.


Network & Investment

Connect you with top industrial experts, VCs, experienced blockchain entrepreneurs, and talent pools. Opportunity to pitch for 100+ investors in China and the Nordics.


Training & Mentorship

A series of online/offline workshops according to your needs. Extensive support and mentorship from entrepreneurs and industry experts for 6 months.


Bootcamp & Incubator

Fully covered week-long bootcamp in China to experience the world’s largest blockchain adoption market. Opportunity to proceed in one of our 3 incubators.

Ready for the next level?

3 global incubators – take your blockchain efforts even further.

By joining one of our incubator spaces in Beijing, Shanghai, and Copenhagen, you get access to a temporary free workspace as well as support for business development and network. This gives you a solid foundation to build resilience and scale in international markets.

Got a cool blockchain project? Find out how you join our platform!

Got a cool blockchain project? Find out how you join our platform!


Entrepreneurs, executives, researchers – meet our mentors from past and present.


We do more than market entry and tech development assistance. Some of our additional services are listed below – other activities are based on aspirations of our clients. We are constantly evolving, adapting our activities to the changing reality of blockchain.

China doubles as the world's biggest blockchain market and playground.

Go to China and you will see startups, corporations, and public institutions all striving to be blockchain frontrunners. Blockchain Business Bridge brings you to the center of the game to ride the waves of this technological revolution.

Ran Zhao

Founder of BBB


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